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Xandra Kramer and Laura Carballo Piņeiro (March 2024)

  • Date: Starts 25 March 2024.
  • Authors:
    • Prof. dr. Xandra Kramer, Professor Private Law & European Civil Procedure, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Professor Private International Law, Utrecht University
    • Prof. Dr. Laura Carballo Piņeiro, Professor of Private international law, Dean of the International Relations Faculty, University of Vigo
  • Book: Research Methods in Private International Law - A Handbook on Regulation, Research and Teaching. (Publication Date: May 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 552 9 Extent: c 464 pp). This incisive Research Handbook provides valuable insights into the various methodological approaches to Private International Law from regulatory and educational perspectives. It comprehensively unpacks central themes in the field including international jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement, and scrupulously analyses core debates whilst addressing legislative and policy issues.
  • 35% discount: Use code KRAM35 during the checkout process when ordering online: (Code will be valid from the moment the book is available for pre-order).

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