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Effective Legal Writing: Written Submissions in International Arbitration (October 2021)

Written submissions play a uniquely important role in international arbitration. Disputes can be literally won or lost on the papers. However, many people find legal writing to be extremely challenging, either because they do not know how to communicate effectively in writing or because they are unaware of the special nature of written submissions in arbitration.

This virtual symposium takes a practical look at written submissions in international arbitration, bringing together the combined comparative wisdom of leading practitioners and arbitrators from around the world. Their contributions will help participants understand not only what to do in their written papers but how to do it, thereby improving communications with panelists and others in the arbitral setting.



Earvin Delgado Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 13:
"Effective Legal Writing: Written Submissions in International Arbitration (October 2021)"
by Earvin Delgado

Download (PDF, 30 pages)

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