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Effective Oral Advocacy (18 - 27 July 2022)

Lawyers in international arbitration are known for their oral advocacy. However, arbitral norms differ significantly from those in place in national courts. Becoming an effective oral advocate requires skill, training and a deep knowledge of cross-cultural norms. Join us as our experienced international panelists provide useful and novel insights into this important aspect of arbitral practice.


  • Mino Han (Peter & Kim) on 'Oral Advocacy and Remote Hearings'
  • Mallory Silberman (Arnold & Porter) on 'Oral Advocacy and Tips on Second-Chairing Hearings'
  • Stanley Nweke-Eze (Templars Law Firm) on 'Oral Advocacy and Cross-Cultural Differences in English-Speaking Africa'
  • Sabina Sacco (Sabina Sacco Arbitration LLC) on 'Oral Advocacy and the Psychology of Decision-Making'


Paloma Cipolla Moguilevsky Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 15:
"Effective Oral Advocacy in International Arbitration (July 2022)"
by Paloma Cipolla Moguilevsky

Download (PDF, 22 pages)

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