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October 2020

  • Construction Projects in the Oil Gas Sector (Dispute Management in Africa Infrastructure Projects Training Modules, Virtual Session 3)
    The Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC) is pleased to announce its second regional training workshop on Dispute Management in Africa Infrastructure Projects ("DiMAP") 2020. The faculty and speakers are seasoned professionals who will draw on their expertise in dispute resolution, project management and claims management across these three sectors. The training will also include mock arbitration hearings and case studies, among other things. The training will be most beneficial to experts within the above mentioned sectors and legal practitioners, particularly, international dispute resolution practitioners. Collaborating Law Firms: BakerMcKenzie and Funmi Roberts & Co.
    19 October 2020 - 21 October 2020. Online. Online. 13.00-15.00 (GMT+1),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • HKIAC 2020 ADR in Asia Conference: Redesigning International Arbitration
    The ADR is Asia Conference 2020 is going hybrid (in-person and virtual). HKIAC'S flagship conference will be divided into two shorter sessions over two days. Attendees can register for one or both parts. DAY 1 (21 October): * HKIAC's Virtual Hearing Services; * Redesigning International Arbitration Part 1: Cybersecurity; * US-China Relations: Challenges and Opportunities; * Managing Business Disputes in Today's China (Duelling with Dragons). DAY 2 (23 October): * Hong Kong and its Role in International Arbitration; * Redesigning International Arbitration Part 2: Diversity; * Looking Past the Covid crisis: Future of Asia's Financial Hub; * Redesigning International Arbitration Part 3: Green Arbitration. SPEAKERS: Rimsky Yuen; Catherine Amirfar; Peter Yuen; Jingyi Li Blank; Mark Feldman; Randall Lewis; Janet Pau; Michael Moser; David W. Rivkin; Justin D'Agostino; Geoffrey Ma; Helen Shi; Zia Mody; Anthony Francis Neoh; Howard Lee; Vicki Liu; Lucy Greenwood; Neil Kaplan; Sarah Grimmer.
    21 October 2020 - 23 October 2020. Hong Kong (in-person) and Virtual,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Webinar - Book Launch: Mediation in International Investment Disputes
    CHAIRS: * Katia Fach Gómez, University of Zaragoza; and Catharine Titi, CNRS-CERSA, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. SPEAKERS: * Hal Abramson, Touro Law Center (New York) - "New Singapore Convention on Cross-Border Mediated Settlements: Key Choices" * Charles H. Brower II, Wayne State University Law School - "Selection of Mediators" * Chester Brown, University of Sydney - "The Confidentiality and Transparency Debate in Commercial and Investment Mediation" * Jack J. Coe, Jr, Pepperdine Law School - "Concurrent Co-Mediation: Toward a More Collaborative Centre of Gravity in Investor-State Dispute Resolution" * Frauke Nitschke, ICSID - "The ICSID Conciliation Rules in Practice"
    22 October 2020. 2-4pm (CET),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • International Law Weekend: International Law in Challenging Times
    KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: * Catherine Amirfar, Partner & Co-Chair, Public International Law Group, Debevoise & Plimpton, LLC; * H.E. Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, International Criminal Court; * H.E. Judge Julia Sebutinde, International Court of Justice. 28 PANELS INCLUDE: * Investor-State Disputes, International Finance, and the COVID-19 Economic Crisis; * Business Engagement in Global Governance: Boon or Peril?; * The Challenge of Globalizing Private International Law; * 2020 Vision: Trends and Challenges in the Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards; * International Supply Chain: Challenges in the time of Pandemics and Global Disruption; * Arbitration of Human Rights at Sea: Giving International Law Teeth by Empowering Victims to Enforce it.
    22 October 2020 - 24 October 2020. Online,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Game Player ADR: the Interplay of Arbitration and Technology (Careers 2.0: Find Your Niche AIAC YPG Series)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way the world functions. As businesses and corporations grapple with the effect of the virus and reduced workforce to manage costs, job opportunities traditionally available to young practitioners can be expected to be impacted. However, with the change comes new opportunities. Fresh graduates and young practitioners often try to fit into the existing frameworks and opportunities rather than gaining an eclectic set of knowledge and skills to build niche practices. To increase awareness about specialised areas of law and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), the AIAC YPG introduces its new initiative “CAREERS 2.0: FIND YOUR NICHE”, a series of monthly webinars. "Game Player ADR" SPEAKERS: Jay Santiago; Jean-Rémi De Maistre; Sophie Nappert; Catherine Ann Rogers; Mauricio Duarte; Adeline Chin; Maurice Rabb; MODERATORS: Veronika Pavlovskaya; Chelsea Pollard.
    23 October 2020. Online, 2.00 p.m. (MYT),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • IV St Petersburg Online FDI Pre-Moot
    The Pre-Moot will provide the last opportunity to the teams to sharpen their arguments, pick up advanced communication techniques and fine tune their online presentation skills before the Grand Finale. This year, as the Global Rounds move online, both St Petersburg FDI E-Conference and IV St Petersburg Pre-Moot follow their path. We will do our best to preserve online the traditions of the Pre-Moot and the spirit of St Petersburg. OCTOBER 30: ST Petersburg FDI E-Conference * Panel I: "Is International Investment Law Reconcilable with Sustainable Development?"; * Panel II: "Complex Corporate Structures and International Investment Law" St Petersburg FDI E-Conference will be as interactive as Zoom permits. You will be able to actively participate in the discussion with the moderator and engaged speakers with questions from the audience in advance as well as during the Conference. There will be a small prize for the best question, determined by each Panel. OCTOBER 31: ORAL ROUNDS
    30 October 2020 - 31 October 2020. Online (Zoom),
    More information is available at the organisers website

November 2020

  • ILI Training: Foundations of Advanced Arbitration and Mediation
    Overview: The seminar comprises the first week of the Advanced Arbitration and Mediation seminar and examines the foundations of arbitration and mediation, including advanced legal issues in international commercial arbitration. Participants will learn the principles of mediation through case studies and practical exercises. The seminar is an indispensable asset to all professionals seeking to strengthen their knowledge of ADR. Course Advisor: Anne Marie Whitesell.
    9 November 2020 - 13 November 2020. Washington, D.C., USA,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • ILI Training: Advanced Arbitration and Mediation
    Overview: This course examines the practical applications of arbitration and mediation and discusses advanced legal issues in international commercial arbitration. The second week of the course takes critical focus on developing practical skills and knowledge through a simulated arbitration process. The course is intended for judges, lawyers, non-lawyer professionals who want to understand arbitration and mediation, as well as government officials, judicial officers, officials of judicial and legal training units, and court administrators. Course Advisor: Anne Marie Whitesell.
    9 November 2020 - 20 November 2020. Washington, D.C., USA,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Alexander Lecture 2020: The future of dispute resolution by Professor Richard Susskind OBE
    The Alexander Lecture was founded in recognition of the contribution of Mr John Russell Willis Alexander (1897 - 1985) to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He served for 40 years as a member of Council and was elected President of the Institute of Arbitrators, as it was named at the time, for the period 1952 - 1955. This meeting is considered one of the most respected events in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) calendar.
    12 November 2020. Online event, 6.00pm BST,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Webinar: Improving the Environment Under the USMCA
    This Webinar: the fourth in the series on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) - will feature a discussion of the USMCA's chapter on the environment, which incorporates major improvements over NAFTA. Most observers agree that the new provisions, if implemented in good faith, could contribute to environmental improvements in such diverse areas as marine and forest resource management and air quality. FEATURED SPEAKERS: * Irasema Coronado; * Elizabeth Trujillo. MODERATOR: * David Gantz. This webinar is free, but registration is required.
    18 November 2020. 11 a.m. - noon (GMT-0500) US/Central,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • AUWCL: Can we talk of an Arbitration Culture in Asia?
    Arbitration practitioners will debate the culture of arbitration in Asia and the challenges that lie ahead in the region. Speakers include: Horacio A. Grigera Naón, Director, WCL Center on International Commercial Arbitration; Nicholas Peacock, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills; Thomas R. Snider, Partner, Al Tamimi & Company; Jingzhou Tao, Independent Arbitrator; Adriana Uson, Member, Young Singapore International Arbitration Centre (YSIAC) Committee and Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright (Asia) LLP; and Jane Willems, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University School of Law.
    18 November 2020. Online via Zoom, 11:00AM - 02:00PM (UTC-04:00),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) Convention 2020: Handling disputes in an era of uncertainty
    The Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) Convention has been designed to gather members of the judiciary, together with a distinguished group of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experts, to engage in a high-level discussion of selected topics in the areas of arbitration, mediation and construction adjudication. This flagship event aims to provide ADR practitioners and businesses with a forum to address and discuss practical issues associated with the role performed by dispute resolution professionals. The theme of the eighth DAS Convention is 'Handling disputes in an era of uncertainty'.
    25 November 2020. Online,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Webinar: Back to the future: AI and the use of technology in international arbitration - 11th CAM Annual Conference
    The 11th edition will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and will see a distinguished panel of speakers debating a current and stimulating topic, sharing their experiences and imaging the future scenario of arbitration. Main topics of the conference: ​PANEL 1: The Present: What is the State of Play for use of Technology and AI in International Arbitration?; PANEL 2: The Future: Robot Arbitrators and Predictive Analytics - Are We Ready for It ?. PANELIST: Maxi Scherer; Niuscha Bassiri; Ji En Lee; Mohamed Abdel Wahab; Toby Landau; Loretta Malintoppi; Anne Marie Whitesell.
    27 November 2020. Online, h.9.00-13.00 (Italy),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • ILI Training: Fundamentals of Investor-state Arbitration
    Overview: This course teaches lawyers, and other professionals, such as international investors (whether companies or individuals), as well as government officials about bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and investment chapters of free trade agreements, and how to work with them to resolve international disputes, including the valuation of damages and enforcement of arbitral awards. The use of BITs has exploded in recent years, with almost 3,000 such treaties in effect. This course provides the participants with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles applied in Investor-State arbitration. Course Advisors: Ian A. Laird and Dr. Borzu Sabahi.
    30 November 2020 - 4 December 2020. Washington, D.C., USA,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • ILI Training: International Investment Treaties and Investor-state Arbitration
    Overview: The use of investment treaties - including bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and free trade agreements (FTAs) - has exploded in recent years. Almost 3000 such treaties are in effect. Foreign investors have used BITs to initiate hundreds of international arbitration disputes against host governments with amounts ranging from a few million to several billion dollars in connection with foreign investments. This seminar teaches participants about international investment treaties and also how to prevent and resolve disputes arising from them. Additionally, it includes advanced instruction in how and when international arbitration proceedings are initiated against nations that violate international treaties. Course Advisors: Ian A. Laird and Dr. Borzu Sabahi.
    30 November 2020 - 11 December 2020. Washington, D.C., USA,
    More information is available at the organisers website

December 2020

  • Webinar: 2020 Colloquium on International Law: Challenging an Interdependent World - Sanctions and Unilateralism
    Nations do collaborate at times for the common good; yet, recent times witness more divergence. If unilateralism and overuse of sanctions prevail, cross-border investments would surely turn into an ordeal. To address these thorny issues, the 2020 Colloquium on International Law has invited an array of experts to discuss: * Sanctions - Principles of Non-Interference; * Unilateralism - Lessons Learnt from the Collapse of the WTO Appellate Body. Invitation link to the webinar will be sent to registered participants 24 hours prior to the event.
    3 December 2020. Online. 15:00 - 18:00 (GMT+8),
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • Webinar: Cross-Border Customs Issues in USMCA Implementation after Five Months
    The focus of this Webinar: the final in the series on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) - will be the real-world impact of the many changes on enterprises engaged in cross-border trade. These changes range from new requirements for certificates of origin to high de minimis levels for package deliveries to Mexico and Canada. Such rules, if properly implemented, will benefit millions of North American businesses and consumers. FEATURED SPEAKERS: * Cindy de Leon; * Federico (Kiko) Zuniga. MODERATOR: * David A. Gantz. This webinar is free, but registration is required.
    9 December 2020. 11 a.m. - noon (GMT-0500) US/Central,
    More information is available at the organisers website


January 2021

  • Winter Academy on International Arbitration "Beyond the Imaginable Borders: Transformation of Arbitration"
    The Academy will touch upon the most innovative topics and cover the transformation of the well-known concepts of arbitration in the technological era. The schedule is built around general courses coupled with case-studies on validity of arbitration agreements and choice of law. During the special courses the most acute topics in the field of arbitration will be examined such as due process, confidentiality and its cyber risks, arbitration of climate change and renewable energy disputes, peculiarities of construction and oil & gas arbitration, cultural and procedural differences, cross-examination in int'l arbitration. Apart from theory, the participants will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience during workshops on advocacy, expert evidence & damages with the following application of acquired skills before the distinguished panel of arbitrators during the Moot Court. LANGUAGE: English. REQUIREMENTS: no less than 2 years of experience in arbitration, mediation or litigation.
    11 January 2021 - 16 January 2021. Moscow, Russia,
    More information is available at the organisers website

February 2021

  • New dates: XXVth Congress of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) - Arbitration's Age of Enlightenment
    The ICCA Congress will take place from Monday 1 to Thursday 4 February 2021 in Edinburgh. Entitled 'Arbitration's Age of Enlightenment?', the congress will be a time to take stock of achievements and explore ideas to adapt to a fast changing environment, and shape the future of int'l arbitration. TOPICS incl:; * Arbitration's Age of Enlightenment?; * Progress Made / Progress to be Made - Exploring the Ways Forward; * Once Upon a Time in International Arbitration; * Three Classics Revisited; * State Responsibility - Then and Now; * Arbitration's Printing Press; * Dispute Resolution Toolbox; * New Developments and Reform in Int'l Investment Arbitration; * The Americas and Europe; * Asia, Africa and the Middle East; * The Sociology of Arbitration; * Young Practitioners and our Future; * Arbitration in the Age of Technology; * The Subject Matters of the Disputes of Tomorrow; * Renaissance Arbitrator; * Different Perspectives; * The Great Debate: A World Without Investment Arbitration?
    1 February 2021 - 2 February 2021. Edinburgh, Scotland,
    More information is available at the organisers website

March 2021

  • 7th SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference: Navigating the Interests of African States in International Arbitration & Mediation
    The conference will be hosted by CIMAC (Casablanca Finance City, CFC First, Casa-Anfa District, Casablanca, Morocco). Make plans to attend! Program to be determined (visit the website for the latest information)
    4 March 2021 - 6 March 2021. Casablanca, Morocco,
    More information is available at the organisers website
  • 6th NLIU-Justice R.K. Tankha Memorial International Arbitration Moot
    The competition is an annual event, hosted and organised by NLIU, in collaboration with the Office of Mr. Vivek Tankha, Member of Rajya Sabha and Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, in the fond memory of Late Justice R.K. Tankha, whose contribution to the judiciary has been remarkable and inspiring. While organising this competition, our endeavour has always been to inculcate and develop vital skills like research, drafting and argumentation amongst law students, thus ensuring a bright future for the students and the society as a whole. Participants are required to argue before competent judges who contribute immensely in making the whole experience an enriching one. LAST DATE FOR REGISTRATION: 7 NOVEMBER 2020.
    5 March 2021 - 7 March 2021. Virtual Moot Court Competition,
    More information is available at the organisers website

April 2021

  • Mixed Arbitral Tribunals, 1919-1930: An Experiment in the International Adjudication of Private Rights
    The creation of a system of Mixed Arbitral Tribunals (MATs) was a major contribution of the post-WWI peace treaties to the development of international adjudication. Numerically speaking, the 36 MATs were undoubtedly the busiest international courts of the interwar period. Taken together, they decided on more than 70,000 cases, mostly covering private rights. This caseload is even more impressive if one considers that their existence generally did not exceed 10 years, as most of the MATs were discontinued pursuant to the 1930 Young Plan. The MATs are similarly remarkable from a procedural point of view. By organizing a conference specifically dedicated to the MATs and their impact on international adjudication of private rights, the Max Planck Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law would like to shed new light on this often overlooked chapter in the history of international law.
    29 April 2021 - 30 April 2021. Luxembourg, Luxembourg,
    More information is available at the organisers website

May 2021

  • St. Petersburg International Legal Forum
    SPBILF is a unique international conference that brings together the leading minds of the legal profession. The annual St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPBILF), founded in 2011, is organized under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Over the years, the SPBILF has emerged as a foremost international platform for discussing a broad range of urgent questions confronting the contemporary international community of legal professionals.
    18 May 2021 - 22 May 2021. St. Petersburg, Russia,
    More information is available at the organisers website

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