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Like its "big sister" OGEMID, Young-OGEMID focuses on matters involving international dispute resolution, but with a special twist. Unlike OGEMID, which is open to everyone, Young-OGEMID is only open to junior practitioners (e.g., those who have not been made partner or counsel), junior academics (e.g., those who have not received tenure) and law students. This approach is meant to create a forum where young professionals can discuss and debate topics of interest on an equal basis and out of the eyes of more senior lawyers.

Although many of the substantive topics discussed on Young-OGEMID are similar to those addressed on OGEMID, Young-OGEMID also considers matters relating to career and professional development. Although the moderators attempt to provide some guidance on these issues, the best advice and information comes from fellow listserve members. Therefore, Young-OGEMID - like OGEMID itself - is meant to be participatory rather than solely led by the moderators.

Young-OGEMID has also developed a number of initiatives meant to address the unique needs of listserve members. These include "virtual" symposia and member research forums, among others.

Young-OGEMID Moderator

Prof. S.I. Strong

Professor S.I. Strong

Young-OGEMID moderator
University of Sydney Law School, Professor of Comparative and International Law
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Senior Young-OGEMID Rapporteur - 2023/2024

Earvin S. Delgado

Earvin S. Delgado

Senior Young-OGEMID Rapporteur
Brief biography

Senior Young-OGEMID Rapporteurs (2022)

Member research forums

Young-OGEMID encourages doctoral candidates to share information about their research topics and pose general questions about their research to the listserv. In so doing, we hope to encourage substantive discussion on the listserv and help create networks among individuals working in the same field. At this point, the member research forums are limited to doctoral candidates, although the initiative may be expanded in the future. Other listserv members can always pose general research-oriented questions to the group, so long as the question does not seek to circumvent proper processes regarding graded work for students or law firm protocol.

Young-OGEMID Series: Hot Topics

Young-OGEMID launched a new series in March 2022 for its members: Hot Topics. As part of this series, YO will invite experts to participate in a virtual (online) discussion/ rapid-response presentation on 'hot topics' of interest in international arbitration.

Young-OGEMID Series: Author Interviews

These Email-only events takes the form of an online interview of the author of a recent book of interest.

More information about the Young-OGEMID Author Interview series here.

Young-OGEMID Symposia and Reports

Young-OGEMID features a series of virtual seminars that offer information on matters relating to law, practice and career development. All Young-OGEMID listserv members are automatically enrolled in the virtual symposia as part of their subscriptions. If you are not already a member you can register here.

More information about the Young-OGEMID seminars and reports here.

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