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Be sure you read the introduction first before trying to register. (Young-OGEMID is only open to junior practitioners (e.g., those who have not been made partner or counsel), junior academics (e.g., those who have not received tenure) and law students).

Please fill in the form as completely as possible to join the YOUNG-OGEMID forum. Do note that acceptance to the list is at our discretion and a significant breach of the basic usage conditions can lead to expulsion, temporary or permanent.

Important: IF you only use a Gmail, hotmail, yahoo* etc address which we can NOT verify, your application will NOT be processed. Please include a valid work or university email address, you can still use your Gmail, Hotmail address in "E-mail address to be used on the forum" question. And do provide a C.V. if you don't, your application is ignored by default.

* If you only have a Gmail, hotmail, yahoo please contact us at or provide a link to your Linkedin profile.

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