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This website is operated by Maris B.V.. We take the privacy of our users seriously and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices with regard to (OGEL), (TDM),, and related OGEL and TDM mobile applications and Internet-accessible products and services operated by Maris B.V.. Other websites to which this website links are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Not everything listed on this page may apply to you as we distinguish the following users: website visitors; subscribers only; LISTSERV members; and authors.

Maris B.V. has put in place, and regularly reviews and updates, appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information.


Our Services are not directed to or intended for children under the age of 16 and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from such users. If we become aware that any user under 16 has provided personal information to us or we knowingly collect any such information from a user under 16, we will promptly delete such information.

Anonymous data (all website visitors)

When you visit this website we automatically collect some information which is stored in the web server logs. These logs contain a history of page requests. Information about the request, including client IP address, request date/time, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent, and referrer are added. A statistical analysis of the server log is used to examine traffic patterns by time of day, day of week, referrer, or user agent. Software used to analyse the server logs: AWStats ( and Matomo Analytics (

HTTPS (all website visitors)

This website makes use of HTTPS for the authentication of the accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data. More information can be found here

Cookies - Session cookies (subscribers only, after they sign in)

We use cookies only for the convenience of our users. Temporary cookies (session cookies) enable us to serve secure pages to our users without asking them to login repeatedly during a session. If a user's system is idle for a longer time period, however, the cookie will expire, forcing the user to login again to continue their session. This prevents unauthorised access to the users information while they are away from their computer. Web browsers normally delete these cookies when the user closes the browser and cannot be used by third parties to identify you. We do not store persistent cookies on your device(s).


When you send us an email, either directly, or via one of the forms on the website, your name and email address and the message are automatically stored in our email programs and a customer relationship management (CRM) software application. The CRM is used to keep track of client and prospect details. Your Personal Data may be stored in our customer relationship management software (Zoho) and is stored on servers in Europe. More information about Zoho's GDPR compliance can be found here: (Maris B.V. uses Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Books). This data is also stored on our local network and only accessible to staff of Maris B.V..

Email updates (all website visitors)

Visitors of this website can register their name, organisation and email address to receive updates of recently published material such as new journal issues, available legal & regulatory documents, case reports and call for papers. Once registered they need to confirm their interest by clicking on a confirmation link they will receive via email. They can "opt-out" at any time by using the link provided in the update emails or by visiting our website directly here.

Email updates (subscribers with personal accounts)

Each user with a personal login account who is able to sign in with their User ID and Password receives emails to inform them of new material being added to the website. They can "opt-out" at any time by using the link provided in the update emails.

Email updates (subscribers only using IP range based authentication)

Visitors who are automatically signed in to access material when they visit this website because their organisation has requested IP range based authentication, can register their name and email address to receive email alerts to be informed of new material added to the website. They can "opt-out" at any time by using the link provided in the update emails or by visiting our website directly here.

Emails to contributing authors

Authors may receive regular reminders via email to update their author profile and inform them of published issues and call for papers. Authors can "opt-out" of these emails using the link in these emails. See more information about "Authors" below.

LISTSERV® ((trial) members only, upon request to join)

Associated with the OGEL and TDM publications are the OGELFORUM, OGEMID and Young-OGEMID electronic mailing lists - LISTSERV - used for discussion, sharing of insights and intelligence of relevant issues related to the topics of these publications. For this purpose, we use the LISTSERV® software.

When a member sends a message to the OGEMID/OGELFORUM/YOUNG-OGEMID address all members receive the e-mail and all members can post and respond to questions and participate in the discussion. Messages sent by list users to the discussion fora are not reviewed, screened or edited, and we do not assume any responsibility for the content of these messages. By registering your email address enabling you to participate in the fora, you accept sole responsibility for any message that you post. The publisher has no control over how the emails are stored on the recipients' devices or networks, once a message has been distributed by the listserv, it cannot be recalled.

When you apply for a (trial) membership your name, email address, and the start, and end dates are kept on record for administrative purposes. If your organisation is already a subscriber your name and email address may be shared with the organisation to check if membership is permitted. During a trial membership you may be contacted automatically a number of times to ask for your views and suggestions on the listserv. These emails may use "tracking links" - see the "Email Marketing (tracking)" for details.

Members are added on request only and receive a welcome message with basic guidelines and instructions. Members can leave at any time by contacting us directly with the request to be removed.


Young-OGEMID has no publicly, or members only, accessible email archive.

Monthly archives of the OGELFORUM ( and OGEMID ( discussions are available on the respective websites. These messages are stored indefinitely for research purposes and are only accessible to subscribers after they have signed in. The archive does not claim to be 100% complete. Members are added on request only and receive a welcome message with basic guidelines and instructions. Members can leave at any time either by contacting us directly with the request to be removed.

The LISTSERV® software itself is hosted on OGELTDM.COM and stores: name, email address, email messages, error messages for members, sign on/sign off dates. LISTSERV® maintains logs of the email exchanges on the listserv, these logs include the email addresses of the members. Access to OGELTDM.COM is limited to staff of Maris B.V. only.

More information about L-Soft International, Inc., and the LISTSERV® software

More general information about the lists, FAQ, its rules (both substantive and technical) and tips can be found here:,, and

Usage (subscribers only)

When you have signed in we collect the following additional information for analytical purposes:

  • Date and Time
  • Name
  • Organisation name
  • IP address
  • File name(s) of the downloaded document(s)
  • Email address (applicable only in case of "email confirmation")
  • total number of downloads for the organisation per year (if applicable)
  • total number of downloads of specific user (total) (if applicable)
  • number of times signed in (total)
  • most recent sign in date

Disclosure of third parties

Information collected may be shared in the following situations:

  • Collected information in the logs may be shared with the subscriber/organisations upon request by the subscriber.
  • Camko Ltd (our OGEL and TDM Joint Venture partner, based in the United Kingdom).
  • OGEL/OGELFORUM, TDM/OGEMID/Young-OGEMID editorial and moderating teams for operational issues.
  • As required by law.


We may contact potential new authors to contribute to our journals. We may contact potential new subscribers by sending information about our OGEL and TDM journal(s), subscription offers and invitations to register for a free trial membership of our join one or more of our associated listservs (OGELFORUM, OGEMID and Young-OGEMID) for a (trial) membership.

Should an organisation decide not to renew their subscription, the email addresses of former users and members may be used for marketing purposes to inform them of published issues and provide information about the option to renew their subscription.

An "opt-out" link will always be included in such messages.

Email Marketing (tracking)

Emails may include email "tracking links" to determine your interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. If you receive a message through this email marketing system and wish to "opt-out", click the link provided in the footer of the email ("If you prefer not to receive future e-mails of this type, click here").

Personal Data (transactions, subscribers)

Should you decide to purchase a subscription to our services we need to collect financial information in order to conduct the transaction and check the qualifications for your registration. This may include membership details of professional associations to check if you are eligible for a requested discount. The name, email address and possible membership number may be shared with such organisations to confirm your membership. Financial information is only shared with third parties in so far as it is needed in order to complete a financial transaction.

After the contract has ended, account information of the registered users (OGEL/TDM and OGELFORUM/OGEMID) will be deactivated and archived for five years for future reference for the following reason: former users are not allowed trial access to journal(s) and/or associated listservs for up to five years after the end of contract. After the five year period, the user data will be removed from our administration.

Authors (published papers)

When we publish an article, we collect the following information from a contributing author: name; photo; organisation; website; title; work email (only visible to subscribers after signing in); and profile text/cv which are shown on the website and App as "author profile". Names and organisation are also shown on various other sections of the website to identify the author of a published paper and help readers find more information about the authors and their published papers. For administrative purposes additional information is requested and collected: Alternate email address; Linkedin address; and Country. This information is used to stay in touch with the author and is not shared with a third party. Apart from the author's name, which is linked to one or more articles, everything can be removed or updated at the author's request.

When we learn (via press releases, other news sources, out of office emails, etc) that an author has retired or moved to a new organisation we may update the author profile to reflect this in an attempt to keep our (visible) author profiles up to date. Where possible, authors are informed when this is done.

Changes to our privacy policy

We may implement new functionality, improvements and changes to this website which may have implications on our Privacy Policy. If, and when these changes occur, they will be published on this website. You can view this page at any time and check for a "last update" date at the bottom of the page.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy or requests about your personal information we may have on record, you can contact us at:

Maris B.V.
Gildeweg 7a
2632 BD Nootdorp
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-15-2029210

Office hours: 09:00 - 17:00 CET

Last update: 19 December 2019

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