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Like its "big sister" OGEMID, Young-OGEMID focuses on matters involving international dispute resolution, but with a special twist. Unlike OGEMID, which is open to everyone, Young-OGEMID is only open to junior practitioners (e.g., those who have not been made partner or counsel), junior academics (e.g., those who have not received tenure) and law students. This approach is meant to create a forum where young professionals can discuss and debate topics of interest on an equal basis and out of the eyes of more senior lawyers.

Although many of the substantive topics discussed on Young-OGEMID are similar to those addressed on OGEMID, Young-OGEMID also considers matters relating to career and professional development. Although the moderators attempt to provide some guidance on these issues, the best advice and information comes from fellow listserve members. Therefore, Young-OGEMID - like OGEMID itself - is meant to be participatory rather than solely led by the moderators.

Young-OGEMID has also developed a number of initiatives meant to address the unique needs of listserve members. These include "virtual" symposia and member research forums, among others.

Young-OGEMID moderator

Prof. S.I. Strong

Prof. S.I. Strong

Young-OGEMID moderator
Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, University of Missouri School of Law
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Member research forums

Young-OGEMID encourages doctoral candidates to share information about their research topics and pose general questions about their research to the listserv. In so doing, we hope to encourage substantive discussion on the listserv and help create networks among individuals working in the same field. At this point, the member research forums are limited to doctoral candidates, although the initiative may be expanded in the future. Other listserv members can always pose general research-oriented questions to the group, so long as the question does not seek to circumvent proper processes regarding graded work for students or law firm protocol.

Young-OGEMID symposia

Young-OGEMID features a series of virtual seminars that offer information on matters relating to law, practice and career development. All Young-OGEMID listserv members are automatically enrolled in the virtual symposia as part of their subscriptions. If you are not already a member you can register here.

  • Alt-Facts and the Post-Truth Society Through an Arbitral Lens (March 2017)
  • Move It! Lateral Hires in International Arbitration (October 2016)
  • Prove It! Evidence in International Arbitration (June 2016)
  • Sound Off: How to Get a Speaking Slot in International Arbitration (February 2016)
  • Writing for publication and competitions (October 2015)

Alt-Facts and the Post-Truth Society Through an Arbitral Lens (March 2017)

Lawyers often think that they're dealing in facts, but the reality is that they are dealing with perceptions - perceptions of facts, of people, of events. What happens when those perceptions are wrong? Traditionally, lawyers have framed the issue as an information deficit and provided more information. However, empirical research has shown that some misperceptions become more pronounced the more opponents seek to set the record straight. What's a lawyer to do?

The fifth YO virtual symposium considers that issue directly through interdisciplinary analysis. Experts in political science, psychology, neuroscience and communications theory and practice will discuss how to deal with pervasive misconceptions in a variety of settings that are relevant to the practice of international dispute resolution. (20 - 29 March 2017).


  • Jason Reifler
    Professor of Political Science at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom)
  • Chulyoung Kim
    Assistant Professor of Economics at the Yonsei University (Republic of Korea)
  • Victoria Ergolavou
    Associate Director at APCO Worldwide (United Kingdom)

Move It! Lateral Hires in International Arbitration

Young-OGEMID's fourth virtual symposium discusses the ins and outs of lateral moves in the world of international arbitration. Speakers focus on practices in a variety of jurisdictions (Australia, Belgium, Dubai, England, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States) and discuss various issues of interest, including how to move laterally as a law firm partner or associate, how to move into academia and within academia, and how to move between different sectors of the legal market.


  • Wendy Miles QC (Boies, Schiller & Flexner, London)
  • Samantha Lord Hill (Freshfields, Dubai)
  • Devathas Satianathan (Rajah & Tann, Singapore)
  • Catherine Rogers (Penn State University, US)
  • Stefaan Voet (University of Leuven, Belgium)
  • Brooks Daly (Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Netherlands)


Vanina Sucharitkul Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 4:
"Move it: Lateral Hires in International Arbitration (October - November 2016)"
by Vanina Sucharitkul

Download (PDF, 20 pages)

Prove It! Evidence in International Arbitration (June 2016)

Young-OGEMID's third virtual symposium discussed issues relating to the taking and presentation of evidence in international arbitration. Speakers with connections to multiple jurisdictions (Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico and the United States) discussed various issues of practical interest (such as how to present evidence in opening arguments and at the hearing and how to use a Redfern Schedule) as well as those of theoretical concern (such as the proper way to conceptualize evidence in international arbitration as well as how evidence in international arbitration measures up to evidence at the International Court of Justice).



Dominic Wong Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 3:
"Prove It! Evidence in International Arbitration (June 2016)" - published in TDM 1 (2017)
by Dominic Wong

Download (PDF, 19 pages)

Sound Off: How to Get a Speaking Slot in International Arbitration (February 2016)

Young-OGEMID's second virtual symposium discusses how junior lawyers can get a speaking slot at a professional or academic conference on international arbitration. Speakers come from around the world (Austria, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States) and discuss various issues of interest, including how organizers pick speakers, how to get noticed by conference organizers, and how speaking engagements can help your career. The symposium started on February 8th 2016.



Meredith Craven Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 2:
"Sound Off: How to Get a Speaking Slot in International Arbitration (February 2016)" - published in TDM 1 (2017)
by Meredith Craven

Download (PDF, 10 pages)

Writing for publication and competitions (October 2015)

The first Young-OGEMID Virtual Symposium addressed the ever-popular topic of writing for publication and competitions. Speakers are all winners of the Crawford Prize, one of the top writing competitions in the area of international dispute resolution, and represent both academic and practitioner perspectives. The symposium ran from October 19 through October 28, 2015.


  • Joshua Karton (Queen's University, Faculty of Law)
  • Lisa Niro (Bell Alliance)
  • Fuad Zarbiyev (Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP)
  • Richard Oppong (Thompson Rivers University)


Salua Kamerow Summary of Young-OGEMID's First Virtual Symposium:
"Writing for Publications and Competitions (October 2015)" - published in TDM 1 (2017)
by Salua Kamerow

Download (PDF, 14 pages)

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