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Lucas Clover Alcolea (December 2022)

  • Date: Started 5th of December 2022.
  • Book: Arbitration of Trust Disputes (Elgar Arbitration Law and Practice series, see discount offer below)
  • Author: Lucas Clover Alcolea, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Otago, New Zealand. As the arbitration of internal trust disputes has attracted significant attention amongst the arbitration and trust law communities in recent years, Arbitration of Trust Disputes provides a timely and comprehensive examination of the ways of overcoming challenges associated with trust arbitration, including human rights and natural justice issues. Including commentary on existing trust arbitration statutes, including the ECHR and the Hague Trust Convention, it draws comparisons between trust and arbitration law in multiple commonwealth jurisdictions to determine how trust arbitration could work in each system, while providing guidance for the drafting of trust arbitration clauses. We are very much looking forward to the discussion, which will feature interventions from our esteemed group of YO rapporteurs.
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Ashish Jacob Mathew Report:
"Young-OGEMID Author Interview Dr. Lucas Clover Alcolea (2022)"
by Ashish Jacob Mathew

Download (PDF, 19 pages)

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