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Noam Ebner & Jen Reynolds (March 2023)

  • Book: Star Wars and Conflict Resolution: There are Alternatives to Fighting: In this book, 25 negotiation and conflict resolution experts weigh in on Star Wars. Their insights explain key scenes and twists in the movies and will help readers with the conflict and negotiation situations they face in their own lives.; Amazon; Barnes & Noble.
  • Editors: Professor Noam Ebner, Creighton University, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies; Professor Jen Reynolds, Oregon University, School of Law. Have you ever wondered what Yoda might say about your most recent negotiation? Or what Darth Vader might do if you sued him? In this Young OGEMID interview, we speak with the editors of the fascinating new book, "Star Wars and Conflict Resolution: There are Alternatives to Fighting," who provide fun yet practical insights into negotiation and conflict resolution processes. We are very much looking forward to the discussion, which will feature interventions from our esteemed group of YO rapporteurs.


"Young-OGEMID Author Interview #4: Professor Noam Ebner and Professor Jennifer Reynolds (March 2023)"

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