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Empirical study - Provisional measures in investor-state arbitration (February 2023)

In January 2023 BIICL and White & Case presented their 2023 comprehensive empirical study on provisional measures in investment treaty arbitration (Authors David Goldberg, Yarik Kryvoi, Ivan Philippov). The study consists of three parts, summarising key new developments that have occurred since the 2019 Report, exploring procedural efficiency in the resolution of requests for provisional measures, and updating the 2019 Reportís findings in accordance with the newly available cases.

Two of the authors of the report, Professor Yarik Kryvoi (Senior Research Fellow in International Economic Law and Director of the Investment Treaty Forum, British Institute of International and Comparative Law) and Ivan Philippov (Associate at White & Case llp), will answer questions from Young-OGEMID members.

Empirical study - Provisional measures in investor-state arbitration February 2023
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Ruchira Kaur Bali Report:
"Summary of Young-OGEMID Hot Topic Discussion No. 2: "Empirical Study - Provisional Measures in Investor-State Arbitration" (February 2023)"
by Ruchira Kaur Bali

Download (PDF, 10 pages)

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