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TDM 2 (2015) - MENA

TDM 2 (2015) - Arbitration in the Middle East: Expectations and Challenges for the Future Editors Craig Shepherd and Mike McClure (Herbert Smith Freehills LLP) prepared this TDM special on "Arbitration in the Middle East: Expectations and Challenges for the Future". The papers in this special, which between them discuss the arbitral regimes in Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), together with investment treaty arbitration and general trends in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, address the increasing use of arbitration in the Middle East, and the increasing use of Middle East seats.

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TDM 1 (2015) - Pacific Rim ...

TDM 1 (2015) - The Pacific Rim and International Economic Law: Opportunities and Risks of the Pacific Century. Edited by Mark Feldman (Peking University School of Transnational Law) and Wenhua Shan (Xi'an Jiaotong University) this TDM special on "The Pacific Rim and International Economic Law: Opportunities and Risks of the Pacific Century" addresses key issues facing the Pacific Rim region at a particularly opportune time: a moment when the Pacific Rim region is shaping, to a very significant extent, the international economic law architecture for the 21st century. The special is introduced by J. Christopher Thomas, Q.C..

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TDM 6 (2014) - Corporate Perspective

TDM 6 (2014) - Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective This TDM Dispute Resolution from a Corporate Perspective special edited by Kai-Uwe Karl (General Electric), Abhijit Mukhopadhyay (Hinduja Group) and Heba Hazzaa (Cairo University) brings the corporate voice to the debate about reforming alternative dispute resolution and effective conflict management. As users of legal services at all stages, transactional or post conflict, corporations expect a "service provider" mindset from the legal profession. Lawyers from both sides of the corporate structure tend to respond differently to those needs. Legal "re"training is inevitable if lawyers are observing the emerging trends in conflict resolution. After years of arbitration reign in the world of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we are witnessing a rise in mediation and negotiations. This development affects legal training and practice in numerous ways. As we see throughout the special, corporate perspective prompts innovation in dispute resolution management in a variety of ways.

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TDM 4 (2014) - CILS

TDM 4 (2014) - Biennial Symposium on International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Five articles have been selected for publication from the presentations given at the Biennial CILS International Arbitration Symposium held 22-25 May at Leopoldskron Palace in Salzburg, Austria. The arbitration symposium emerged from the construction law conferences James J Myers began organising with CILS in the late 1990s. This eighth iteration of the symposium was chaired by Mr Laurent Hirsch of Hirsch Kobel, Geneva and Ms Silvia Marchili of King & Spalding, Houston, who assembled a varied program of expert and entertaining panellists and moderators from around the world.

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TDM 5 (2014) - FDI Moot 2014

TDM 5 (2014) - FDI Moot 2014 The top memorials produced by Harvard Law School, University of Ottawa, University of Warsaw, and Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz during the FDI Moot 2014 are published in this annual TDM special.

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TDM 3 (2014)

TDM (3) 2014 In this video Sophie Nappert and Mark Kantor introduce TDM 3 (2014). Watch on TDM or YouTube.

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TDM 2 (2014) - Intangible Heritage Disputes

TDM 2 (2014) - TDM 2 (2014) - The New Frontiers of Cultural Law: Intangible Heritage Disputes This Special Issue follows and complements TDM 5 (2013) - Art and Heritage Disputes in International and Comparative Law. Taken together the two special issues adopt a holistic approach to cultural heritage, considering the dynamic link or dialectical relationship between the tangible and intangible heritage. As intangible heritage is made up of processes and practices-its fate depending on oral transmission and being closely related to its creators and context-it may need ad hoc safeguarding approaches and methodologies. In particular, this special issue aims to explore some examples of intangible heritage related disputes, highlight the main tenets of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, and suggest avenues for ways forward and further research. Guest editors: Dr. Valentina Vadi (Lancaster University) and Prof. Hildegard Schneider (Maastricht University)

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TDM 1 (2014) - Reform of ISDS...

TDM 1 (2014) - Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: In Search of a Roadmap Edited by Jean E. Kalicki (Arnold & Porter LLP and Georgetown University Law Center) and Anna Joubin-Bret (Cabinet Joubin-Bret) this TDM special issue on the "Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: In Search of a Roadmap" has more than 60 papers making it the largest TDM Special Issue to date. The interest in this topic, and the breadth of proposals offered by our contributors, demonstrates both the importance of holding this dialogue and the creativity of astute users and observers of the present system. This Special Issue is particularly timely in light of the European Union public consultation on investor-state dispute settlement and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership just begun by EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.

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TDM 5 (2013) - Art & Heritage Disputes

TDM 5 (2013) - Art and Heritage Disputes in International and Comparative Law In this TDM special on Art and Heritage Disputes in International and Comparative Law guest editors Dr. Valentina Vadi (NYU, Lancaster University) and Prof. Hildegard Schneider (Maastricht University) aim to identify, map and critically assess key themes and features of the numerous art and heritage disputes which have arisen in the past decades. In the introduction article the editors map the key features of these disputes and assess the contribution that these cases offer to the development of international law in both its public and private dimensions. A separate volume to be published early 2014 will focus on intangible heritage disputes.

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TDM 4 (2013) - 10 years of TDM

TDM 4 (2013) - Ten years of Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) We are pleased to publish this special anniversary issue. Ten years of TDM: A satisfying journey for those who started along the path with our founder Prof. Thomas Wälde in 2003 and for those who have joined along the way. We would like to thank all the guest editors of TDM Specials, all the contributing authors to TDM and of course the (frequent) participants in (Young-)OGEMID discussions over the years. Editor-in-Chief Mark Kantor introduces this special issue ... read more.

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TDM 3 (2013) - Corruption and Arbitration

TDM 3 (2013) Corruption and Arbitration This special issue on Corruption and Arbitration analyzes new trends, developments, and challenges respecting the intersection between, on the one hand, allegations, suspicions or findings of corruption and, on the other hand, decisions by arbitral tribunals regarding jurisdiction, admissibility and the merits of commercial and investment disputes. Many thanks to the Editors Prof. Dr. Richard Kreindler (Shearman & Sterling LLP) and Carolyn B. Lamm (White & Case LLP) and to their colleagues Hansel Pham (White & Case) and Marc Jacob (Shearman & Sterling) for their assistance and support during the preparation of this interesting special issue of TDM.

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TDM 2 (2013) - EU Investment Treaties ...

TDM 2 (2013) EU, Investment Treaties, and Investment Treaty Arbitration - Current Developments and Challenges Prof. Dr. Christian Tietje and Dr. iur Richard Happ edited this special on the EU, Investment Treaties, and Investment Treaty Arbitration - Current Developments and Challenges for TDM. Apart from taking stock of the current developments, this issue tries to reflect on the remaining challenges and possible solutions for open questions. It also includes a study requested by the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade which is made available on TDM with kind permission.

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TDM 1 (2013) - Human Rights

TDM 1 (2013) Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection This TDM special on Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection is edited by Professor Dr. Ursula Kriebaum (University of Vienna) and analyses the possibility of courts and tribunals operating in the fields of human rights and international investment protection to take into account the concerns of the other field of law. This issue is a welcome addition to the human rights related material available on TDM and we like to thank Professor Kriebaum for her work on this special.

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TDM 7 (2012)

TDM 7 (2012) regular issue This last issue of 2012 is a regular issue covering a variety of topics including Third Party Funding, Ecuador v Chevron in the Canadian courts, Damages in Guinea v DRC (by J.R. Cook) and papers having a closer look at Investor-State Disputes by Prof. L. Trakman, G. Kahale, III and Mark Kantor. This issue also includes and a number of case comments and book reviews. In 2013 a number of specials will be published: Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection; Corruption in Arbitration; and the EU and Int'l Investment Protection Law and Arbitration.

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TDM 5 - Legal Issues in Tobacco Control

TDM 5 (2012) Legal Issues in Tobacco Control This TDM Special offers a timely look at the Legal Issues in Tobacco Control in the lead-up to the Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC, to be held from 12 to 17 November 2012 in Seoul ('COP5'). The contributors to the Special Issue discuss a range of disputes and negotiations concerning tobacco control regulation, offering insights into the legal questions at issue, their political ramifications, and their future resolution. The contributions address the broad themes of trade and investment in tobacco, the WHO and the WHO FCTC, plain tobacco packaging, and flavoured cigarettes, as introduced by the editors of the special Prof. Andrew Mitchell and Associate Prof. Tania Voon (Melbourne Law School)

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Prof. Karton

Our third OGEMID Guest of 2015:
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(Queen's University, Faculty of Law) on governing law versus commercial common sense as the desirable driver in arbitral decision-making ...
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Reshaping the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Journeys for the 21st Century

Reshaping the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Journeys for the 21st Century. Published by TDM-OGEMID and Brill Nijhoff, you can order this book with a 25% discount until June 1st 2015.

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Call for CETA Papers

CETA We are seeking proposals for articles on various aspects of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada (CETA).
Editors: Herfried Wöss, Fabien Gélinas, Andrea Bjorklund, and John Gaffney. Read more...

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Abhijit Mukhopadhyay is the President of Legal of the Hinduja Group, one of the largest diversified groups in the world employing over 70,000 people worldwide and focusing on banking & finance, transport, energy (oil & power), as well as technology, media and telecommunications. He manages the Group's worldwide legal matters, including international arbitration, litigation, and mediation. The interview was conducted by Sylvia Tonova (Jones Day, London).

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OGEMID Seminars program

Led by a team including Tony Cole and several others a series of four mini - seminars started in October 2013. Topics: 1. BITs and FDI (Oct. '13); 2. Investment Arbitration Claims and State Policy Freedom (March '14); 3. Investment Arbitrators and the Public Interest (2014); 4. Diversity, Expertise and the Selection of Investment Arbitrators (2014).

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Apr 01
Japan in the Pacific Century: Opportunities and Challenges arising from the TPP
Mar 20
A Path Forward: A Convention for the Enforcement of Mediated Settlement Agreements
Mar 17
A U.S.-China BIT - Resolution of Investment Disputes in the Context of Transparency Issues
Feb 10
Legal Instruments and Practice of Arbitration in the EU (part 1)
Feb 10
Legal Instruments and Practice of Arbitration in the EU (part 2)
Feb 03
Problems of Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Gulf Cooperation Council States and the Prospect of a Uniform GCC Arbitration Law: An Empirical Study
Jan 26
International Commercial Arbitration - Procedural Approaches: Civil Law versus Common Law
Jan 22
Comments on the Reasons for Judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal in Hupacasath First Nation v The Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada and the Attorney General of Canada
Jan 16
Arbitrator Bias
Jan 07
A Fair Fight: Professional Guidelines in International Arbitration
Jan 07
The Predictability Paradox - Arbitrators and Applicable Law
Dec 09
Sociology of International Arbitration

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Michael Hwang S.C.

Michael Hwang S.C. - Selected Essays on International Arbitration

Selected Essays on International Arbitration
by M. Hwang S.C.

Published Academy Publishing in November 2013, this book is now available as a free download here.

Liber Amicorum: T. Wälde

Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde

A Liber Amicorum: Thomas Wälde - Law Beyond Conventional Thought was published in 2009 by CMP Publishing Ltd. in honour of Thomas Wälde. The editors Jacques Werner and Arif Hyder Ali gathered an impressive collection of essays by practioners, arbitrators and professors who knew Thomas Wälde in a modest effort to capture Thomas' never ending interests. This book is now available on OGEL and TDM with the kind permission from the publisher. For subscribers the chapters are available as individual papers, all others may download the entire book as a free download.

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