OGELTDM Listserv

If you are having problems receiving (Young-)OGEMID@ or OGELFORUM@ OGELTDM.COM listserv emails please read the information and instructions below. You can find some general tips in managing listserv traffic here.

Adding [LISTNAME]@OGELTDM.com to your safe senders

If you find email from (Young-)OGEMID@ or OGELFORUM@ OGELTDM.COM in your spam or junk folder, please take a moment to instruct your mail program that it is not spam by marking the mail with the "not spam", "not junk" or similar button. This will train your email program to whitelist it.

You can also ask your IT department to whitelist one or more of the following email address:

This is especially important for corporate users, please direct your e-mail support team to this page if you have trouble receiving our listserv emails.


E-mail sending domain:


E-mail sending IP: (as of 25 January 2016)*

(If your organisation has many members on the list you may need to increase the number of allowed (smtp) connections from the IP address)

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

The ogeltdm.com domain has a SPF record.

TO address

The TO field will have one of the following addressing in it:

With the information above you should be able to setup a filter to allow OGELTDM.COM listserv emails.

If you are using Postini:

ogeltdm.com should to be added to "Postini Approved Senders" lists.
In addition, (*) should be created as a "Pass Through" (whitelist) entity in Postini.

* Note: before 25 January 2016 the IP was, so if you still use that IP address please replace it by the new one