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Alt-Facts and the Post-Truth Society Through an Arbitral Lens (March 2017)

Lawyers often think that they're dealing in facts, but the reality is that they are dealing with perceptions - perceptions of facts, of people, of events. What happens when those perceptions are wrong? Traditionally, lawyers have framed the issue as an information deficit and provided more information. However, empirical research has shown that some misperceptions become more pronounced the more opponents seek to set the record straight. What's a lawyer to do?

The fifth YO virtual symposium considers that issue directly through interdisciplinary analysis. Experts in political science, psychology, neuroscience and communications theory and practice will discuss how to deal with pervasive misconceptions in a variety of settings that are relevant to the practice of international dispute resolution. (20 - 29 March 2017).


  • Jason Reifler (Professor of Political Science at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom)
  • Chulyoung Kim (Assistant Professor of Economics at the Yonsei University, Republic of Korea)
  • Victoria Ergolavou (Associate Director at APCO Worldwide, United Kingdom)


Aracelly Lopez Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 5:
"Alt-Facts and the Post-Truth Society Through an Arbitral Lens (March 2017)"
by Aracelly López

Download (PDF, 13 pages)

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