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Alternatives to In-Person Arbitration: Pandemics and Beyond (March 2020)

For years, the arbitral community has been considering increasing the use of video and other technology to save costs and increase efficiency in arbitration and to cut down on the environmental impact of the process. However, will the first real push towards remote arbitration come as a result of COVID-19? Speakers from various arbitral organizations and moots, as well as other experts, discuss steps they are taking to deal with the realities of a pandemic and how those steps might benefit parties in the future.


  • Prof. Ben Davis, University of Toledo
  • Colin Rule, Tyler Tech
  • Chris Campbell, Center for International Legal Studies
  • Paul Cohen, 4-5 Gray's Inn
  • Prof. Ian Macduff - University of Auckland and National Centre for Technology and Dispute Resolution


Elisabeth Zoe Everson Siddharth Aiyanna Report:
"Alternatives to In-Person Arbitration: Pandemics and Beyond (Mar 18 - 25 2020)"
by Elisabeth Zoe Everson and Siddharth Aiyanna

Download (PDF, 37 pages)

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