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Sound Off: How to Get a Speaking Slot in International Arbitration (February 2016)

Young-OGEMID's second virtual symposium discusses how junior lawyers can get a speaking slot at a professional or academic conference on international arbitration. Speakers come from around the world (Austria, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States) and discuss various issues of interest, including how organizers pick speakers, how to get noticed by conference organizers, and how speaking engagements can help your career. The symposium started on February 8th 2016.



Meredith Craven Summary of Young-OGEMID Symposium No. 2:
"Sound Off: How to Get a Speaking Slot in International Arbitration (February 2016)" - published in TDM 1 (2017)
by Meredith Craven

Download (PDF, 10 pages)

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